Becoming Sovereign means claiming ownership of your life, which is a courageous action. It's full life ownership which involves loving all of you.


Why Sovereign?


It’s all about Sacred Ownership.

Becoming Sovereign means claiming ownership of your life, which is a courageous action. It's full life ownership which involves loving all of you. 

[And I do mean all of you - you know, your belly & knees, your moods & quirks and most definitely -- all of your unique life experiences]. 

I created this website because I'm well aware that life over fifty brings challenges along with fantabulous benefits. And that proclaiming yourself the owner of all of you - and living into this ownership - can be a tall order! You may be ready to trade some parts in!! How about those hurt places that you're ready to integrate but unsure how to proceed? We can courageously live into wholeness together!

Cultivating Sovereignty has been the thing that's really helped me become more of a creator and less of a reactor - and it's a way of living that you too can nurture, no matter what. I'd love to support you in this approach to your life.

Your Life Matters. At every age. 

As a Sovereign woman, you derive your value from being cherished by The Divine source of love and all that is. When you are connected to this source, your experience of life and of love opens wide.


Would you love for this to describe you?

The Sovereign Woman is not willing to succumb to the traditional view of aging, despite changes that may be creeping in. Nor is she in denial of her years or physical ups and downs. She navigates the turns, twists and white water rapids of life over fifty with confidence and ease - while creating her life.

She creates with love. Always love. Sometimes it's Fierce Love.

When you embrace Sovereignty, you will care for your inner and outer self from a wellspring of inner strength and Divine connection

It’s time to become the intentional creatrix of the rest of your life. It's completely possible.  

I’m here to ignite the holy fire within you and keep you glowing.

You’re here. You’ve made it. Let’s begin.